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Bulfinch Crossing

2.9M SF Mixed-Use Development
Boston, MA

Client: The HYM Investment Group, LLC
Date: Under Development
Services: Underwriting, Master Plan Design, Permitting
Attributes: 6 Buildings, Large Landscaped Rooftop Terraces
Stories: Multiple Buildings
Sustainability: LEED Silver, Gold and Platinum

Bulfinch Crossing

Boston, MA

Project Summary

Bulfinch Crossing is one of the largest redevelopment projects in Boston with over 2.9M SF across six buildings. Bulfinch Crossing will transform the existing Government Center Garage into a premier destination by hiding the existing garage structure with buildings and day-lighting Congress Street by removing the garage structure that currently spans over the street.  Dynamic ground floor retail will revitalize the historically under-served neighborhood. David Bracken led the underwriting and managed the master plan design effort for this project.

Key Achievements
  • Secured unanimous Boston Planning and Development Agency and Boston Zoning Commission approvals for one of the largest master planned projects in Boston’s history
  • Led the financial underwriting team, which resulted in project’s capitalization
  • Demolition commenced in December 2016 for first building: 480’ tall residential tower